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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to file form 9465 online

Instructions and Help about how to file form 9465 online

You find yourself on the IRS or state money that you cannot immediately pay how do you resolve this to get it paid what are your options hi I'm Gary and welcome to tax Bulldog for the best thoughts and ideas for trimming your tax down these videos are to help you to help yourself to avoid costly professional fees if your situation has a level of complexity you may want to consult a professional these videos will at least give you an introduction of what to expect and to know when someone is just misleading you if you feel you need help see the video on selecting a tax professional to represent you at this link that will put this in a description below that will cover information on states where I can there are 50 states and each having their own unique tax laws while I have worked with many states have my years in this profession they do change at times I cannot keep up with 50 states where it's easier with the IRS every time I have an interaction with a state I update my notes on it the information I prin this video is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such all or portions of this video are copyrighted and all rights are reserved now this video I'm going to discuss how to apply for an IRS installment agreement I will also briefly talk about state installment agreements with the IRS you comply online by calling them at eight hundred eight to nine 1040 or the phone number on a notice you have or you can mail in a form 9465 the IRS has not been in contact with you in person other than by mail you can apply online by one of the methods at Pala if an agent has been in contact with you contact that agent to work out an agreement before applying for any agreements with the IRS or state you must have all tax returns filed that are relative to you or any other entity interest you have such as businesses partnerships estates fiduciaries etc having all these in order is what is called being compliant with the tax law any loose ends can cause a rejection of your application to apply online your tax debt must be less than $50,000 for individuals less than 25,000 for businesses including the penalty and interest go to this link for detailed information if you don't qualify for an online agreement you can still apply by completing form 9465 also complete a form for 33 F for individuals businesses will complete a form for 33 B then call the 800 8 to 9 1040 phone number or the phone number on your notice when completing these form 433 series forms be sure to answer all questions and prthe required information completely do not hold back or fail to disclose any relevant information that can cause serious.