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Instructions and Help about inst 9465

Hey guys it's Alex to be here from Alex to be calm and welcome back to my youtube channel today I'm going to teach you how to get verified on Instagram so I'm sure you've heard of verification before and you've seen accounts with that blue check next to their name and maybe you've wondered one what the heck it is how they got it and how you can get one too so I'm gonna discuss all those things today and I'm gonna give you a step-by-step on how to get verified on Instagram and not just show you how to apply for it but the actual qualifications that Instagram is looking for and how you can make sure that you're meeting them so first of all what is verification well this feature is generally reserved for public figures celebrities well-known brands or brands that have the possibility of being impersonated in serum gives them out to basically say that this is the official account of this company or person but verification carries so much more authority than that when someone sees that you have a blue check next to your name they automatically think that you have some sort of credibility that you're well-known and obviously if you have a business or a brand this is great for that now I was fortunate enough to have two of my Instagram accounts be verified in the last year so I'm super excited about that and now of course I want to teach you guys how exactly I got verified and how you can get verified too alright so the first thing that you have to do is apply for verification through the Instagram mobile app okay so this is a feature that is newly released in the last year they didn't actually allow you to request verification in the past they would simply just give it to the person that they thought deserved it but now we actually play a role in this and we can request to be verified so to do that go ahead and open up your Instagram profile then you're gonna tap the three line icon on the top right also known as the hamburger icon and then you are going to hit the Settings button at the bottom of the screen from there you're gonna scroll down until you see request verification and go ahead and tap that on this page here we're going to read a little bit of information about verification and then you're gonna have to fill out a couple of questions so the first question is what is your username it's already plugged in there but you want to put in the Instagram username that you want to be verified then you're gonna put in your full name this should be your full name that would appear on a governor piece of ID okay because you're gonna have to actually send that to them as well so you want to.