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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing full pay 120 day agreement

Instructions and Help about full pay 120 day agreement

Everyone my name is Bruce Roth and then my guest today is Dave Horwood L gave us an enrolled agent and he's also the founder of torchlight tax and financial services Dave can you tell us as we go to the IRS what what is an installment agreement and are there different types and what are the implications of that okay well with the IRS let's say that you come you file your taxes and you don't have the money to pay your taxes it's pretty automatic that they will give you an installment agreement if it's a small fuss sub and they'll give you up to five years to pay it back it's very very easy to get now however as your income goes up whereas this has occurred before it becomes harder and harder and harder to get the installment agreement and depending on the sums involved you may have to you know turn over a bunch of financial data and so on and so forth people don't necessarily that Asia to give all their financial data to the IRS so you have to be aware of you know what the implications are okay good but it's very much as like if you're if you're sitting there you're just you know you're having you come to the end of a tax year you're not going to have enough money to pay your taxes you know you're not going to jail and you're not going to get all your ass has levy or anything like that you'll probably be accepted for an installment agreement so that so there wouldn't be a penalty but there would be an interest assessed is that right there well standing balance you know there there there might be penalty dependent exactly what you did but we're not talking about they're not going to be coming and seizing your house like the net you next week which if you don't get the installment agreement they might love in your bank account you know they might get you know so you have to like be aware that there is an option there and user research yourself and apply for it or which is very easy to do or if you want if you have a tax professional doing your taxes like an enrolled agent you can sign in to the power of attorney with the analogous and negotiate the installment agreement for you thank you so much and thank you.